Prelude to an ending

Bad judgment, bad decisions.
Need to apologize.
Take a deep breath.
Nasty thoughts:
“Grab the knife,
Cut it off.
From the source.
No one cares.
Cut it off.”
Need to survive.
An all-time low.
Nothing’s coming.
No one is coming.

-Xiaui Macagba, 2016



  1. What happened?

      1. There is always sunshine behind dark clouds. :)

      2. I know. It’s just that sometimes, the sun hides longer, or the dark clouds got bigger, and darker. But like everybody said, the sun will always shine (unless it dies, then we have a serious problem. LOL)

      3. That’s because the longer we look at the darkness, the longer it seems to last. Just as a minute seems eternity when you stare at a clock.

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